Nouveau ! Vous pouvez désormais passer votre commande sur la boutique en ligne et la retirer en magasin ! Un vrai gain de temps !

Les Marrons Imbert prennent leurs congés d'été du 5 août au soir au 26 août inclus. Toute commande passée durant cette période sera traitée à notre retour. Nous vous souhaitons un bel été sous le soleil !

Exceptional chestnuts to satisfy all delicacies ...

Beautiful chestnuts, a bit of sugar, a hint of vanilla… Thus comes to live a wonderful alchemy of delicacy and pleasure you will discover in all our products.

“Marrons Glacés d'Aubenas” by Imbert® and their chestnut spread

Either for our “Marrons Glacés” or our chestnut spread, paste or puree, we are looking above all for the pure expression of the delicate and subtle flavor of the raw chestnut. Sugar and vanilla pods are just enough to enhance the fruit and to keep it authentic and delicious!

“Marrons Glacés d'Aubenas” by Imbert®

Enjoy yourself and others with this delicately sweet confectionery. From an Ardèche strong know-how, “Marrons Glacés of Aubenas” by Imbert is a true pleasure to share.

Chestnut spread of Aubenas by Imbert®

Flavor of childhood on a slice of bread, with a yogurt, on a pancake or in the famous “Ardéchoise” ice cream cup, there are so many ways to taste chesnut spread of Aubenas by Imbert. And mind it is quickly addictive !

Our other products

Do you know our candied chesnuts, very useful in pastry ? Have you ever tested our candied orange peel with such an intense taste? Would you like to make a small gift? You will always find a way to satisfy your delicacy.

Chestnut & Raspberry tartlets
by Philippe Rigollot

Chef recipes

Excellence of chesnut in all its forms. We collaborate with great Pastry Chefs, faifhful to our products, to present you beautiful pastries combining the greatest tradition of French pastry and an unbelievable modernity. (All our recipes are currently in French only).

Marrons Imbert is a “wonder”. As such, we participate in the discovery and influence of Ardèche, like a few dozen of other equally passionate players, who work for the dynamism of a natural and cultural, productive, recreational and innovative lively territory.

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