Les Marrons Imbert prennent leurs congés d'été du 5 août au soir au 26 août inclus. Toute commande passée durant cette période sera traitée à notre retour. Nous vous souhaitons un bel été sous le soleil!

In Gérard Cabiron's laboratory
meilleur ouvrier de France 2007

Quality of raw fruit, excellence of product

Result of combined rigorous selection of raw materials and meticulous know-how, Imbert products let appear the whole natural texture and original taste of the fruit, without ever masking them, in a perfect balance.

The rigorous peeling and sorting of chestnuts, their cooking in water, which washes them of their tannins, then the final, slow and progressive cooking, offer them a subtle and delicate taste of chestnut pulp. This taste is still providing today the company fame among the best culinary professionals.

Our “Marrons Glacés” and candied chestnut of Aubenas by Imbert, our chestnut preparations (cream, purees and paste) or our orange candied peels offer a large range of controlled textures and sweetnesses adapted to the needs of the most demanding culinary professionals.

Chestnut & Raspberry tartlets
by Philippe Rigollot

Pastry Chefs

Imbert® products are appreciated by the greatest Pastry Chefs, recognized in France and abroad. We collaborate with them to offer you recipes that glorify chestnuts, combining the greatest tradition of French pastry and an unbelievable modernity.

Bastien Girard, champion du monde de pâtisserie 2017

Bastien Girard

Chef Pâtissier (Tournon – France) • Champion du monde de Pâtisserie 2017

Philippe Rigollot

Philippe Rigollot

Chef pâtissier • Champion du monde la pâtisserie 2005 • Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier 2007

Chef recipes (in French)

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