Marrons Imbert are closed for summer vacations from August 5th to August 26th included. All orders received during this period will be processed when we will be back. We wish you a pleasant and sunny summer !

La Boutique

La saison des marrons glacés est terminée. Nos marrons glacés d'Aubenas Imbert® seront de nouveau disponibles à l'automne. Nos autres produits (crème, purée et pâte de marrons, écorces d'orange, marrons confits au sirop) restent disponibles ci-dessous.

Les marrons glacés sont de retour ! Vous pouvez les commander en format boîte fer, étui ou ballotin.

“Marrons Glacés d'Aubenas” by Imbert® and their chestnut spread

Que l’on parle de marrons glacés ou de crème, pâte et purée de marrons, nous recherchons avant tout l’expression pure de la saveur délicate et subtile de la châtaigne. Le sucre raffiné et la vanille en gousse seuls suffisent à sublimer le fruit et à lui conserver son goût authentique et gourmand!

“Marrons Glacés d'Aubenas” by Imbert®

Enjoy yourself and others with this delicately sweet confectionery. From an Ardèche strong know-how, “Marrons Glacés of Aubenas” by Imbert is a true pleasure to share.

Chestnut spread of Aubenas by Imbert®

Flavor of childhood on a slice of bread, with a yogurt, on a pancake or in the famous “Ardéchoise” ice cream cup, there are so many ways to taste chesnut spread of Aubenas by Imbert. And mind it is quickly addictive !

Pâte & Purée de Marrons d'Aubenas Imbert®

Our chestnut based products (puree and paste) allow to control texture and sweetness of your various preparations.

Our other products

Do you know our candied chesnuts, very useful in pastry ? Have you ever tested our candied orange peel with such an intense taste? Would you like to make a small gift? You will always find a way to satisfy your delicacy.

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