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Chestnut of Aubenas® spread • Glass jars

The texture of our chestnut of Aubenas® spread is soft and delicate, definitely silky. Its discreet sweetness lets the whole natural texture and original taste of the fruit appearing, without ever masking them, in a perfect balance.

Smooth as desired, enjoy it on a simple toast or on a pancake, a waffle... Chestnut spread with a scoop of vanilla ice cream will delight your children. Play contrast and combine its sweetness with the freshness of a yogurt or a cottage cheese. Be a bit more original : taste it with a goat cheese a "picodon de l'Ardèche" for an outstanding terroir pairing !

Whether your customers discover chestnut cream or whether they already love it, they will have a gourmet taste experience!


Chesnut (50%), sugar (50%), Bourbon vanilla pod.


  • 120 g, 350 g, 500 g net weight glass jars
  • Individually or by 6/12/24 units box (depending on jar size)

Expiration date

4 years

Storage conditions

Keep refridgerated after opening

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