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Chestnuts of Aubenas sweetened puree • 900 g net weight

Result of combined rigorous selection of raw materials and meticulous know-how, Chestnuts of Aubenas puree and paste offer textures and smoothnesses fitting needs of the most demanding culinary professionals.

Imbert products let appear the whole natural texture and original taste of the fruit, without ever masking them, in a perfect balance. Our chestnut based products allow to control sweetness and density of your various mixes.

Texture in-between paste and puree ; Pure chestnut flavor with a hint of sugar (15%).


Chestnut (85%), sugar (15%), water (15%)


  • Chestnut pastries (vanilla free), sorbets...
  • Soften paste with a bit of additional sugar.


  • 900 g net weight can (individually or by 12 units box)
  • 4,5 kg net weight can (4 units box)
  • Buckets available (contact us)

Expiration date

3 years

Storage conditions

After opening, filmed, 12 hours in positive cold.
Freeze to increase preserving.

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